Lupita Nyong’o’s Dress Completely ‘Worthless’ According to Thief

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lupita Lupita Nyong’o's custom made Calvin Klein gown was stolen from her hotel room on Thursday, and new reports have surfaced that the dress has been returned. The dress is estimated to be $150K and is adorned with 6000 natural white pearls. The actress was last seen wearing this dress on the red carpet at the 87th Academy Awards.

Lupita with Francisco Costa, who custom made the dress.

Two days later, an informant claiming to be the thief tipped off TMZ on the location of the dress. The thief claims to have stolen the dress after noticing that Lupita’s door was ajar. The alleged thief then returned the dress and tipped off TMZ, but not before he could shed some light on the true value of the dress. Watch the video below:

The thief told TMZ that he took two pearls from the dress and had them tested in the garment district. According to the thief, the pearls were fake and Lupita’s $150K gown is actually worthless. So why did the thief steal Lupita’s dress? He wanted to expose, “Hollywood's fake bulls**t.”
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