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Wedding bells are in the air, and the summer wedding season is in full force. Maybe you’re a bride-to-be or just a guest this year but––whatever your role in this summer’s weddings is going to be––you’re going to want to check out Serbian designer Danijela Bozic’s latest bridal collection. Bozic completed her training at the prestigious Italian Fashion Academy-Accademia del Lusso and has since then been making her mark in the industry by redefining femininity and sophistication.

Bozic’s designs are changing bridal fashion as we know it by creating new standards. Breaking out of the classic white dress mold, Bozic’s collection offers unexpected wedding looks like crop tops with trousers, jumpsuits and sexy, peach satin dresses. Her reinvention of the traditional wedding is inspired, to say the least.

Read our exclusive interview with Danijela Bozic below, and see more of her collection in Tie the Knot, premiering on April 26 on Fashion One and Fashion One 4K.

STEPHANIE: Tell us about your latest bridal collection.
Danijela Bozic: The collection was inspired by weddings, one of the most important moments in the life of a woman. That is a dream and dreams are like the sky. High, elegant, pastel and so gentle, cosy, fluffy and full of emotions.

I wanted to show how differently women could be dressed in something else. When we talk about color and form, it’s not only dresses, there are tops and pants, skirts and elegant jumpsuits.

What kind of brides do you design for?
The brides I design for must be chic, brave, have a bright energy and a look that hypnotizes and leaves you without words. In our business, the designer must be a psychologist too and recognize the type of woman the customer is and offer her the best solution for her wedding day.

What is your most popular dress?
The most popular dress from the last collection––Pure Love––was the white siren dress with a heart-shaped cutout in the back. This was the opening dress at Serbia Fashion Week and was modeled by actress Iva Strljic.

What are some of this year's biggest bridal trends?
As in the previous few years, we can see beautiful, luxurious lace dresses with pearls or 3D flowers on it. Real wedding dresses never go out of fashion but there are girls who want to be special on that day and want to have something different. It’s this desire that keeps designers constantly trying to find some new shape and new definition of the classic wedding dress.

What is your favorite dress that you've designed?
I am a part of all of my dresses. In every piece I weave my emotion and it's hard to say, but if I had to choose my favorite would be the powder pink silk sirene dress with an open back and lace.

What are your designs inspired by?
Everything can inspire me, even something bad or something I do not like very much, I immediately have an idea of how it could look from another perspective, so my inspiration is always active. Nature, people, music, cities, fabrics...a wide range of inspiration.

Which designers do you like?
Alber Elbaz, Riccardo Tisci, Karl Lagerfeld, Elie Saab... always interested in their work.

What is one must-have accessory for every bride?
I'm not one for too many details besides the wedding dress. My style is focused more on the dress and head ( fascinators, hats...) than jewelry and other accessories. I love extravagance, high elegance, and emotions that we can feel when we see the bride.

What's your dream wedding?
I have never dreamt about my wedding but it must be something sexy. A very closed but sheer dress that’s tight that flutters when you look at it..

All images courtesy of Danijela Bozic
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