Penn Badgley Spills, Says Blake Lively is the Worst Kisser

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Penn Badgley, better known in some circles as Dan Humphrey on Gossip Girl, is finally dishing on his relationships, time on set, and making out with the one and only Blake Lively.

For those of you that don’t know, Blake Lively played Serena van der Woodsen––Dan Humphrey’s love interest, and also Penn Badgley’s IRL love interest. They did a lot of making out on camera, and it’s safe to assume they had their fair share of kisses off camera too. Now that they’re no longer dating, Penn admitted to Andy Cohen that Blake was the worst kisser on the show.

Penn Badgley Spills, Says Blake Lively is the Worst Kisser
It wasn’t all bad kisses though. Penn told Andy on the Watch What Happens Live show, “I'll say Blake [was the best kisser] because we actually had a relationship at the time.” Penn went on to say about the worst kisser, “[...] worst? Maybe Blake after we broke up.”

Maybe Penn’s just bitter or maybe Blake really is a bad kisser, but either way we applaud the two actors for keeping Dan and Serena alive on camera. D and S forever.
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