Inside Ambiance: Tokyo’s Most Exclusive Tradeshow

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As one of the world’s premiere fashion capitals and a city that never sleeps, navigating Tokyo’s fashion industry is no easy task. With new brands emerging every year and different pop-up shoppings cropping up every weekend, tradeshows are a great way to get to know designers and see all of the latest collections in one place. Ambiance, one of Tokyo’s most exclusive tradeshows, does just this by bringing both established and emerging designers together in one place.

Ambiance was first started in 1995 and has since become an authority in both the Tokyo and international design communities. On their homepage, Ambiance states that, “We offer stylish meeting place in a comfortable atmosphere for our guests and designers to mingle, socialize and make business deals.” This year, Ambiance has hand selected seven designers that fit their vision of upholding the highest quality while simultaneously appealing to the global market––which makes sense given that they also host trade events in Paris.

I was lucky enough to catch up with Ambiance and it’s designers this year at Tokyo Fashion Week and at their annual Spring/Summer 2016 Tradeshow. See the photos above, and stay tuned to Fashion One’s newest channel Fashion 4K for interviews, behind-the-scenes coverage and more from Ambiance.

For more information on Ambiance, visit their website here.

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Leonard Wong
Phenomena Collection
Stephanie Park
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