Bella Thorne Talks “Freaky Things” at Coachella

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It may have seemed like Bella Thorne’s Coachella experience was all sunshine and daisies with all of the exclusive parties that she attended, but the actress has revealed that that really wasn’t the case. The 17-year-old may have partied it up in a flower crown but the truth of the matter is that she saw a lot of things that she really, really wishes she hadn’t.

In an interview with People magazine Thorne confessed, “I’ve witnessed a lot of freaky things at Coachella, but the scariest thing that I witness every time are the girls with the nipple tassels. I don’t get it. I’m not understanding why you’re just wearing bikini bottoms, nipple tassels, and thigh-highs. That is a very incomplete outfit.”

As for baring copious amounts of midriff at the People StyleWatch & REVOLVE Fashion and Festival Event? No problems there.
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